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              Work with us.

              We're on a mission to make commerce more human.

              • “5 Companies Changing the Way We Shop”
              • “100 Brilliant Companies”
                Entrepreneur Magazine
              • “20 Silicon Valley Startups You Need to Watch”
                Business Insider

              Now Hiring

                Big Scale, Small Team

                96,602 Stores
                2,643,797 Products
                $80M+ In Sales
                10 Team Members
                Style code design

                Style, Code & Design

                We are both a product team and a style & shopping company, so the Storenvy ethos is a mixture of style, creativity and engineering. We solve complex engineering challenges and create elegant experiences to help people better connect with amazing products and their creators.


                Empower the World's Entrepreneurs

                Our apps support a huge, passionate community of creative people and shoppers discovering amazing things. They love us almost as much as we love them. It’s an incredible feeling to help people turn their ideas and dreams into a reality.

                Team photo

                A Company Meant to Last

                We are building a sustainable company that is intended to flourish and grow into something big. We solve important real-world problems felt by people everywhere. And with a clear business model (commissions on marketplace sales), we can confidently build a rock solid business together.

                Meet the Team


                • Benefits Package

                  We provide full medical, dental, vision insurance for you and your family. So go ahead, try juggling those flaming swords. You're covered!

                • Flex-Time, Like an adult

                  Need to pick up your Delorian from the shop during business hours? Well, we'll miss you like crazy, but you've got flexible vacation and personal days to take care of whatever you need to.

                • Mac Gear

                  You'll be rocking a beautiful display and a company-furnished retina MacBook Pro or Macbook Air. We'll even give you a Storenvy sticker to put on the lid, if you want.

                • Small Team, Big Impact

                  We're still a small team fleshing out the company and product together. The work you do will be extremely important to the future of the product and business. In short, you complete us.

                • Catered Meals & Snacks

                  Nothing makes us happier than a big family meal together. We cater lunch two days a week and provide all sorts of healthy snacks (and some not so healthy) to power your precious brain to do important work.

                • Storenvy Shopping

                  Need to update your closet or get some awesome artwork for your apartment? Keep an eye on the hottest indie stores out there while you keep them running smoothly. You'll be the envy of the neighborhood with what you buy at work.

                Current Openings

                To all recruitment agencies: Storenvy does not accept agency resumes. Please do not forward resumes to our job postings, our employees or any other company location. Storenvy is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

                江浦| 塘沽| 陇县| 纳溪| 乌海| 南召| 安县| 邕宁| 澳门| 清远| 陆川| 宁乡| 芷江| 商水| 建昌| 马尔康| 天山大西沟| 新河| 开江| 定边| 余干| 绥滨| 微山| 南召| 安溪| 屏南| 雷山| 会昌| 房县| 长阳| 尉犁| 永吉| 蒙自| 溧水| 阜平| 梅州| 德令哈| 德宏| 庐江| 丰镇| 韦州| 徐家汇| 阿荣旗| 岐山| 鼎新| 马祖| 宣汉| 三都| 揭阳| 德兴| 石首| 昌吉| 涪陵| 淮北| 霸州| 丹江口| 凉城| 宜春| 钟山| 内邱| 滨州| 永宁| 仙游| 北仑| 鄢陵| 精河| 秦皇岛| 青冈| 西沙| 怒江| 宜昌县| 伊通| 棠荫| 勃利| 盱眙| 塘头| 甘南| 武功| 霍尔果斯| 绥棱| 齐齐哈尔| 南宫| 平乡| 南郑| 武邑| 兰屿| 太仆寺旗| 木垒| 延寿| 巴东| 辽中| 柘城| 中甸| 临西| 冷水江| 涪陵| 代县| 霍尔果斯| 硕龙| 公主岭| 新田| 毕节| 嵩县| 红柳河| 金州| 江城| 新郑| 固阳| 全椒| 馆陶| 青川| 杭锦后旗| 木里| 洪洞| 玛多| 仙游| 丹棱| 石渠| 巴中| 永新| 文县| 曲阜| 扎兰屯| 原阳| 图们| 永顺| 五台山| 潢川| 象州| 盂县| 新乡| 屏边| 天池| 高阳| 崂山| 太原北郊| 舟山| 黑河| 惠州| 无锡| 澄城| 那坡| 遂昌| 故城| 全南| 鞍山| 错那| 武宣| 蓝田| 玉环| 高要| 卓资| 朝克乌拉| 三峡| 泉州| 灵宝| 洛浦| 察隅| 康乐| 崂山| 紫荆关| 米泉| 金秀| 永昌| 广汉| 汉阴| 安乡| 营口| 东营| 天台| 武夷山| 临夏| 福州郊区| 璧山| 龙胜| 阳春| 潞西| 政和| 兴化| 临西| 鹤山| 肇庆| 黄茅洲| 中环| 监利| 藤县| 吕梁| 光泽| 武清| 淳化| 安吉| 息烽| 武胜| 琼山| 图里河| 彭泽| 铜鼓| 孟州| 平邑| 代县| 平果| 师宗| 西峡| 义县| 郎溪| 库伦旗| 乌海| 小灶火| 隰县| 萍乡| 宾县| 顺平| 青县| 麦盖提| 花都| 金川| 衡山| 兰州| 多伦| 连南| 华池| 兴城| 正安| 镶黄旗| 沈阳| 靖江| 什邡| 图里河| 玉山| 星子| 小金| 澄迈| 田东| 那坡| 海渊| 荔波| 金坛| 轮台| 呼图壁| 通州| 唐县| 三台| 甘泉| 修文| 大通| 连平| 杭锦后旗| 蒙城| 融水| 清河| 运城| 德州| 临邑| 牟平| 户县| 廊坊| 石景山| 万全| 敦化| 宁化| 旬阳| 永川| 内乡| 台山| 费县| 阜南| 引水船| 浏阳| 内邱| 郏县| 清丰| 政和| 屯溪| 松滋| 金坛| 成山头| 灵璧| 郏县| 渭南| 澳门| 西华| 铁岭| 棠荫| 营口| 南漳| 台北市| 湖口| 武宣| 右玉| 沂水| 石岛| 塔中| 平度| 胶南| 长安| 望奎| 荔波| 天峻| 玛纳斯| 布尔津| 永清| 景洪| 黄南| 简阳| 嘉鱼| 始兴| 西丰| 五台县豆村| 滦南| 定西| 渭源| 鄞州| 襄阳| 安阳| 张掖| 左贡| 赤城| 密云上甸子| 商城| 广平| 江门| 渭源| 五常| 永昌| 临高| 淮滨| 灵川| 峰峰| 三门峡| 满都拉| 吴忠| 荔波| 岳池| 彝良| 平果| 琼海| 平昌| 龙岩| 博爱| 武安| 龙川| 寿县| 莱阳| 井研| 泽普| 自贡| 鄂伦春旗| 清流| 北宁| 额敏| 东乡| 洪泽| 嘉兴| 舒城| 罗源| 银川| 山阴| 克什克腾旗| 如皋| 曲沃| 道孚| 牟定| 班戈| 个旧| 偃师| 防城| 沂水| 竹溪| 肇庆| 苏尼特左旗| 六枝| 高力板| 班戈| 吴县| 繁昌| 平阳| 共和| 丰南| 章党| 冕宁| 宜城| 博山| 宁蒗| 霍城| 田林| 盐池| 台南| 太原古交区| 新绛| 安义| 天全| 兴和| 平乡| 聂拉木| 独山| 辰溪| 徽县| 永登| 清涧| 西沙