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              OP Preorders: Law & Chopper and Zoro

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              Customer feedback for this store 917 past orders · 25 customer ratings

              Shipping Time

              😃 Excellent!

              Product Quality

              😃 Excellent!

              Customer Service

              😃 Excellent!

              These are ratings provided by customers who have purchased from this store in the past. Ratings may not relate to this exact product.

              ??PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING & FOR FURTHER INFORMATION?? ☆THESE ARE NECESSARY PREORDERS SLOTS THAT NEED TO FILLED IN ORDER TO GET THEM INTO PRODUCTION. Pins will only be put into production when all slots are filled so the quicker these are filled the quicker we can get them into production.☆ ? Choosing to purchase a pre-order spot means you are aware that the pins are not yet in production or are currently in production and is scheduled to be arrive at a later date. This means there will be a waiting period until the actual shipment of the product is in. Also preordering secures you a pin(s). ☆These are special preorder prices.Prices will be going up once preorder slots are all filled up☆ ?Pin Details ? Zoro 2.5 Inches Hard Enamel Black Nickel Plating Law & Chopper 2.5 Inches Hard Enamel Black Nickel Plating

              Payment Methods

              Visa Mastercard Amex Discover Jcb Diners Paypal

              FAQs & Polices

              How long will it take to receive my order?

              Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service.

              Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

              We currently are shipping World Wide

              What is this store's return and exchange policy?

              All sales are Final. Please make sure to check your cart carefully before purchasing.

              Is there a grade scale for these pins?

              We carefully Grade them from A - C Grades. We will carefully be doing quality checks every time we get an order in. We will place aside pins that are very defective & will not sell those to the public.

              What if there is a problem with my order?

              If there is a problem with you order please contact us via email.

              Can I receive a refund once my order has been shipped?

              Unfortunately, If the order has been packed & dropped off at the post office or Is on its way to you, we can not give a refund due to the items already being on there way to you. Please be understanding and realize that we can not just refund on a product that has already been sent & there is no way we can get it back. ??

              What if I purchase a Necessary Preorder pin with an In stock pin?

              Any orders containing necessary preorder pins with an In stock pin will be shipped when the preorder pin arrives. This saves us on shipping costs. If you prefer for us to send the in stock pins asap or first and the preorder pin later when we have them in our possession, please contact us via email to let us know. You may also add a note to your order before hand to let us know. Please contact us via Email if t you did not add a note to the order & would like instock pins to be sent first.I do not want anyone to get upset & think we forgot to ship an order because we try our best to get orders out asap. ??

              How does a Necessary Preorder work?


              ?Preorder pins will only be put into production when ALL slots are filled.

              ?If the goal is not hit, you will be refunded for your purchase at the end of the stated date.

              ?Choosing to purchase a pre-order spot means you are aware that the pin is NOT yet in production.

              ?Once we have informed everyone that they have been put into production, they will be scheduled to arrive at a later date. This means there will be a waiting period until the actual shipment of the product arrives.

              ?Updates will be given as much as possible. If there is ever a question or concern please do not hesitate to Email or DM us.

              ??Thank you all for the Understanding & Support!??


              If you will be placing an order, we just ask that you add a note to the order stating your province. When we are purchasing shipping labels USPS requires that we add the province. This saves some time and we can ship out your order asap. If not added we will contact your via email, so please make sure to check your email.

              镇安| 滨州| 武威| 清水河| 白河| 库尔勒| 洛浦| 凉城| 湖口| 聂拉木| 南宁城区| 南海| 扬州| 鱼台| 英德| 哈密| 南安| 五原| 长安| 同德| 甘德| 隆德| 新干| 岳池| 固原| 察哈尔右翼后旗| 清兰| 福安| 英吉沙| 华安| 齐齐哈尔| 合水| 仁化| 宝坻| 阜新| 承德县| 大姚| 南充| 英山| 盱眙| 无棣| 和林格尔| 南宁| 石河子| 安远| 乌斯太| 宜都| 平远| 南汇| 木垒| 通山| 永泰| 盐源| 炉霍| 德安| 陶乐| 北戴河| 容县| 惠州| 民乐| 烟筒山| 莱州| 毕节| 新野| 鹿寨| 清河| 郑州农试站| 紫云| 靖宇| 志丹| 炮台| 平乡| 唐县| 桓仁| 彝良| 永春| 张家港| 临漳| 乳源| 塔中| 云龙| 临汾| 横县| 曹妃甸| 浩尔吐| 都安| 梁山| 申扎| 贵德| 墨竹贡卡| 赤壁| 远安| 大柴旦| 宣威| 上杭| 大厂| 雷波| 福海| 沿河| 胡尔勒| 固安| 海口| 乌审召| 和林格尔| 怀远| 丹寨| 泸定| 勐海| 平谷| 乐亭| 吉林| 甘孜| 永宁| 土默特左旗| 宁化| 根河| 绵阳| 本溪| 叶城| 凤凰| 洮南| 崂山| 米泉| 库车| 秦安| 洛宁| 巩义| 河卡| 吉兰太| 南海| 句容| 盖州| 黄山市| 丹棱| 博湖| 醴陵| 河南| 阜宁| 宁远| 怀集| 括苍山| 漳州| 绥宁| 北道区| 于洪| )| 商都| 安远| 温泉| 三江| 宁津| 察哈尔右翼后旗| 安国| 凯里| 大连| 浦口| 番禺| 四子王旗| 岳普湖| 塔城| 长阳| 东至| 白云| 息县| 托里| 横山| 准格尔旗| 长武| 伊宁县| 新建| 八宿| 攀枝花| 泸定| 京山| 滦南| 万安| 丹凤| 腾冲| 锦州| 浑源| 无极| 上饶| 鄂州| 黟县| 广昌| 普洱| 虞城| 邓州| 青冈| 湘阴| 正宁| 鸡东| 滁州| 桃源| 甘孜| 一八五团| 东宁| 铜陵| 清远| 顺平| 惠民| 草河口| 扎赉特旗| 隆子| 天池| 剑川| 盘县| 如皋| 龙里| 增城| 漯河| 洪家| 松原| 沂南| 沙县| 丽江| 科尔沁左翼后旗| 邵武| 吕梁| 岚皋| 泰山| 雅布赖| 阳新| 竹溪| 平舆| 邻水| 昆明农试站| 饶阳| 五台山| 三台| 两当| 白杨沟| 平罗| 合水| 栖霞| 灵邱| 岐山| 色达| 晴隆| 大石桥| 肇东| 环江| 岑溪| 湄潭| 平昌| 大田| 乌什| 斋堂| 建始| 伊春| 共和| 泰兴| 揭西| 科尔沁左翼后旗| 柞水| 清水河| 满城| 清水河| 勐海| 灯塔| 南陵| 启东| 东丰| 乌拉特前旗| 佛山| 南靖| 梅县| 彭泽| 宣恩| 达日| 玉溪| 新干| 伊金霍洛旗| 睢阳区| 镇江| 海伦| 塔什库尔干| 香日德| 烟台| 耒阳| 宣化| 万州龙宝| 襄樊| 东川| 洮南| 深泽| 贵定| 崇信| 孪井滩| 文成| 靖边| 德宏| 黄山区| 福清| 安宁| 阿里| 乐平| 拉萨| 福泉| 天池| 周宁| 洪雅| 单县| 台州| 宜都| 乌兰浩特| 临沭| 敦煌| 临沂| 兰坪| 金昌| 达尔罕茂明安联合旗| 郑州| 通河| 岐山| 红安| 颍上| 遂宁| 环江| 盘山| 铁岭| 莒县| 雅布赖| 新宁| 平舆| 莎车| 封丘| 安多| 察哈尔右翼后旗| 涡阳| 清水河| 石嘴山| 益阳| 帕里| 皮山| 德惠| 涡阳| 兴和| 九龙| 商洛| 建阳| 东莞| 阿城| 岢岚| 四子王旗| 西平| 六枝| 南木林| 嵊山| 项城| 汉寿| 燕尾港| 户县| 诸城| 黔西| 长海| 富阳| 静海| 东平| 木里| 丰镇| 额济纳旗| 漳县| 随州| 同心| 长清| 明光| 化隆| 德钦| 登封| 公主岭| 无为| 汤河口| 宜良| 邓州| 霞云岭| 澄城| 惠阳| 锡林浩特| 罗田| 纳雍| 清水河| 正宁| 炮台| 龙山| 靖安| 都兰| 清水河| 乐昌| 宁海| 扶风| 长顺| 乌拉特前旗| 巴马| 东明| 响水| 东安| 涟源| 雷山| 井冈山